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Golf Course Sales

Buying or selling a golf course can be a complicated business proposition. Such things as asset depreciation, tax considerations, cash flow, debt service, gross income, net profit and evaluation of a golf course's full potential can all lead to unseen hazards and confusion, both on the part of the buyer and the seller. With the right professional assistance, however, you can avoid the pitfalls, complications or unnecessary delays that can potentially spoil a golf course transaction.

The McKay firm takes great pride in finding the right buyer for the right course. To ensure this, we ask that you inquire directly with us by phone. We have a number of confidential listings, particularly in the great lakes area.

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    MI911- $595,00 (Traverse City, Mich.)

    18 holes, nine executive holes and nine par-3 holes. Large driving range with heated learning center. Includes carts and equipment. Bank owned.

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    MI908 - $335,000 (Central Mich.)

    9-Hole Golf Course, on ~80 acres. Includes equipment and golf cars. Good gross income.

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    MI907 - $1,475,000 (Central Mich.)

    18-Hole, 6,800-yard Golf Course. Equipment and Liquor license included.

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    MI905 - $800,000 $650,000 (Central Mich.)

    18-Hole Golf Course with living quarters. ~ 136 acres. Includes Class C liqour license, equipment and golf cars.

Other Services


An auction is a powerful, highy efficient alternative to traditional golf course brokeage. Where marketing approaches for a traditional sale can last many months or even years, the auction process takes every aspect of effective marketing and dramatically compresses the sales cycle, and creates a single moment of competitive bidding that determines the property's true market value.

Further, auctions create an urgency for buyers who wish to purchase the property and an absolute buying deadline that did not exst prior to offering the property via auction. Our decades of experience has given us unparalleled insight into our clients needs, and has driven our evolution into one of the country's most comprehensive golf course marketing companies.cades.


Appraisal work is an important aspect of the McKay firm's activities. And, having performed hundreds of them nationwide, the company is recognized as an expert in this challenging field. In fact, the McKay firm collaborated with the Appraisal Institute in developing a guide to golf course analysis and valuation. McKay Golf Properties has also authored articles for the American Society of Appraisers.

We have appraised daily fee courses, semi-private and private clubs, resort facilities, residential golf communities and municipal courses. We provide accurate valuations for various uses, such as financing, estate planning, membership acquisition, ad valorem taxation, bankruptcies, condemnation, corporate restructure and valuation disputes.


Feasibility studies are essential to new golf course projects. And, McKay is the nation's best in determining the viability of any new golf course development. Our realm of experience draws from the skills of people actively involved in golf course research, including members of the golf industry, the academic community, specialists in location analysis, and other researchers from the private sector.

McKay Golf Properties has analyzed successes and failures of golf businesses for all levels and types of facilities. Our team can perform an in-depth market analysis and economic feasibility study to assist clients initiating or investing in a golf development project or performing due diligence. The McKay firm carefully considers land acquisition and development costs, competition, and anticipated revenues and expenses to determine the cash flow potential and rate of return for the client.


Consultation work is a growing segment of the McKay firm's services. We have analyzed hundreds of golf courses and, in many cases, have examined these golf operations in detail and evaluated them in terms of replacement cost, income and expenses, current and projected profitability, the competition, and general efficiency of operation. The McKay firm has developed the capability to offer sound advice on the total operation of a golf course.

With today's business environment, identifying market influences and economic impacts requires insightful analysis. With solution oriented consulting services that highlight the opportunities and pitfalls, more informed business decisions can be made. We are interested in solving any business issue, however small or complex, and willing to tailor our services to make your project a success.